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Cosplay World is proud to present for the first time an on-site contest for cosplay photographers. Limited to just 10 photographers, each contestant will have only 5 minutes to shoot the same cosplayer at the same general location to see who can create the best photograph.


  • Each Photographer will have 5 Minutes to shoot the same cosplayer at the same assigned location during Cosplay World at the Richmond Convention Center.   


  • The photographers can use any additional equipment/lighting as long as it is done within the time limit.  (No fog machines allowed due to location restrictions)


  • Photographers are allowed to have an assistant to help with holding a light, flipping fabric and other accessories.   


  • The final image that will be submitted can be edited to your style.  No advanced editing will be allowed for the final image to include adding special power FX, atmosphere and lighting FX.  


  • The photographers must have 1 final image submitted by 9pm on Saturday. The final image submitted needs to be a high resolution file with no watermarks so the judges do not know whose image they are looking at. The submission link will be provided.



The contest will be held on Saturday June 15, 2024 starting at 3 pm.  All contestants will meet at the BC Photography Photo booth.  Additional information will be provided via email to all contestants to include a submission link.  All images must be submitted by 9 pm that evening to be judged, if you do not submit your image by that time you will be disqualified from the competition.

Submissions will be open from April 1st - May 31, 2024


Cosplay Alliance Logo

Our sponsor Cosplay Alliance Magazine will provide the winner with 

- $100 paypal transfer

- Cosplay Alliance Magazine Cover Feature with a 10 page spread: including interview questions and photos from previous shoots

- 2 VIP Passes to Cosplay World Richmond 2025



  • Any photographer with a purchased ticket can enter the contest.

  • The contest is limited to only 10 photographers.  We will accept up to 15 contestant entries.  The first 10 will be part of the contest the additional 5 will be alternates if any of the first 10 do not show up for the competition.  



  • Fill out online submission form below


Thanks for registering for our event. We will contact you back soon!

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